Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking with GPS Tracker

Now you can feel peace in your mind by knowing current status of your vehicle.

Gold Info Service Pvt. Ltd. has brought all new GPS vehicle tracking system to track any kind of vehicle like, Truck, Bus, School Bus, Personal car, Bike etc. When your vehicle is out of your sight for some days, a thought automatically come in your mind that, is it working systematically or not. But with GPS vehicle tracker you can track your vehicle from anywhere and will feel confident about it.

An advance, effective and easy manageable system is offered by Gold Info Service. We provide this service at DakshinDinajpur and all over West Bengal as well.

You can track reports and alerts i.e. Distance travelled, Trip summary, Stoppage or Over speed and many more. You can monitor or track fuel of your vehicle with this system. We all know cost of fuel is increasing day by day. Our GPS based tracking solutions helps you to cut expenditure of fuel by tracking it accurately. Anyone can shut-off engine of vehicle by GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems from anywhere in unwanted situation or Theft. And you can shut off it from your cell phone.

Gold Info Service provides you GPS vehicle tracking system at reasonable investment that possess high return through its work. The advantage of our vehicle tracking solution is that you can use for your particular needs without extra expenses. Gold Info Service is the best-seller GPS tracking devices range from low-cost basic trackers to high class real-time tracking devices.

Commercial Vehicle owner, transporters & movers, and emergency vehicle, security Vehicle, Taxi/Cab Service, BPOs/Call Centers, Colleges/Schools, Petroleum/ Gas/Milk Companies, Supply Chain, Public Transports that send out large fleets of vehicles and products used this GPS Vehicle tracking system. Delivery trucks, taxi companies and repair and maintenance companies all can use this advance electronics to track workers and plan out important and sometimes complicated routes. These devices can increase efficiency and prevent losses caused by mistake of workers. Now, many companies are willing to spend a little extra amount on a decent tracking system for security. It's ideal for personal car user for preventing theft.

  • No need to install software or maintain it for GPS Vehicle tracking. You can only login and work.
  • Number of GPS vehicle tracking reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for future delivery.
  • Our GPS vehicle tracking system can send number of user-defined alerts via email and/or mobile phone.
  • Review and analyze historical data to improve fleet or vehicle utilization.
  • Automated fuel monitoring.
  • Increase efficiency of vehicle by monitoring idle time and driving habits.
  • Eliminate "out-of-route" trips.
  • Accesses to your fleet information 24 hours
  • Car Tracking and Theft Prevention.