Attendance System

School Attendance System

Children are the future of our world.

Child safety is one of the most essential matters. The increasing number of crime rate against children is the matter of great worry. Many students are missing while going to school. Most of the time missing children are led to be part of organized crimes, illegal child labour and trafficking. So we all need a structure to track our children and feel safety.

Gold Info Service Pvt. Ltd. kept this safety idea and has brought Smart Attendance System for your beloved children who are students. Now you can follow your children while they are on the way of school and can track them. Parents will receive SMS on every entry of their child. And student’s attendance is also computed through the system. Admin can login and check total number of present students in the school. Parents’ receive SMS also for exit of their child from the school. This whole process make parents assured of safety. The advancement of this system is, all the tracking facilities and login facilities are also available in mobile application. That means parents can track their children from their mobile also. We believe that this whole Smart Attendance System bring a healthy practice for the safety of our future world, our children.